Computer Skills Development World


Rs. 2200

Course Duration-45 Days


Rs. 1700

Course Duration-1 Month


Rs. 4200

Course Duration-90 Days


Rs. 5200

Course Duration-4 Month


Rs. 7200

Course Duration-6 Month


Rs. 3700

Course Duration-180 Days


Rs. 6200

Course Duration-365 Days


Rs. 2200

Course Duration-60 Days

Free Online and offline Speed Test up to Selection.

Speaking World

Spoken English & Personality Development Deptt.:

As you know well that English is a language that overcomes the whole world. It has become a language of employment and profession as well as English Speaking World. It is most important for aspirants who are looking for good jobs in both government and private sectors, for Sports players like Cricketers, Athletes, for Professionals like : Managers, Doctors , Engineers, Advocates etc. and Stars. If you really want to improve your English and sharpen your communication skills for interview and well defined speaking, Join APEX classes...

Duration of Course- 3 to 6 Months

Cards and Fee Structure

  • 1- Crash Course -30/45 Days under Yellow+ Card- Rs-27000
  • 2- Basic Course -2 Months under Yellow Card - Rs- 3200
  • 3- Advance Course -3 Months under Red Card - Rs- 4200
  • 4-Foundation Course-6 Months under Green Card- Rs- 6200

Competition Deptt.

  • 1- Monthly Fee - Rs 800
  • 2- Bronze Card- 3/4 Months Rs- 2700
  • 3- Silver Card- 6 Months Rs- 4200
  • 4- Diamond Card- 12 Months Rs- 7200
  • 5- Diamond Card- 12 Months Rs- 7200

A Personality Grooming Course

Developing Characteristics in Learners

  • Imagination
  • Concentration
  • Listening Skills
  • Self Confidence
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Photographic Memory

Spoken Certificate